So you're getting married. Congrats! An excited time to come. Whether you're having a big festive wedding, or a small elopement I'm there to capture the spontaneous and loving moments. Have a look around here and let's meet up if you like what you see. 

The in between and the unplanned. The wind in your hair and the way he looks at you when you laugh. The incredible views and the dirty shoes it took to get there. Singing old songs in the car at the top of your lungs and getting to wake up next to your partner for the rest of your days. The way the tears fell down the cheeks when you asked your partner to be yours forever. Embrace every second of it. Love is wild. Love is an adventure. Do you want to experience it?
I sure do.


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I've been follwing love With my camera for over a decade. It's what I love doing most. A like to tell stories through PHOTOGRAPHy. loving the adventure of new views and exciting destinations. LET's get to know each other and see if I can capture YOUR STORY for you.

 the adventurers


Hi there, I'm Sonja. Living with my husbnad and 3 kids at the country of The Netherlands. 

I feel lucky to be able to capturing moments that really matter, when you're making memories together. That's what my job is about for me. And why I love my job as a visual storyteller.

I fell in love with weddingstories very early on. Since I was a flowergirl when 5 years old and  stayed hooked ever since. Still in awe with all the beauty and pretty things on a weddingday, but  also very aware of the uniqueness of a weddingday between two people and their friends and family. 

Personal favourites: traveling, sitting around a campfire and playing campgames, flowers, fields, the beach, citytrips  and going down the slide which my husband makes during summertime. 

Magazines/blogs inspiration: The Lane, Vogue Weddings, Holiday magazine.

Style: Timeless, elegant & in the moment.   


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Especially together. New adventures are our thing. More from Wuthering Heights...One fine summer morning - it was the beginning of harvest, I remember - Mr. Earnshaw, the old master, came down-stairs, dressed for a journey; and, after he had told Joseph what was to be done during the day.


Capturing the two of you where your love grows every day. More from Wuthering Heights...It seemed a long while to us all - the three days of his absence - and often did little Cathy ask when he would be home. Mrs. Earnshaw expected him by supper-time on the third evening.

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 I've become a weddingphotographer because I lbelieve in  people who  are taking  time and effort to celebrate each other. One of the most fun things to do in life is to be able to celebrate love: it's a special, and perhaps even, a privillaged thing to do. I believe that the emotional connection and the festive part of a weddingday truly makes it a once in a lifetime day.  That's how I love the capture a wedding:  festive, emotive, with lots of details which makes your day, YOUR day. 


Collections start at  1349,- which includes:
 - online gallery with your hr images
- 6 hour covery of your weddingday
- a surprise album 

Do you want to see all the packages and options?  Aks for the weddingguide here.      


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Before your weddingday I'd like to get to know you a bit better, so it will feel like your having a friend taking your weddingday pictures. I'm just as excited about your day as you are, well close second... ;-). So I'd like to be there for you and help you set up your day in a way you can enjoy yourself to the max, and have awesome pictures as well.  A little bit aventure at your day? I'm up for it! 

tommorows memories

Does the sun promise to Shine?
No, but it will
Even behind the darkest clouds it will
And no promise will make it shine longer or brighter,
for that is its fate,

to burn untill it can burn no more. 
So, to love you is not my promise, 
it is my fate,
to burn untill I can burn no more. 

- atticus -

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client love

We had such a great time with Sonja, she was so kind to our guests, took her time to engage and made us feel very comfortable. We LOVE our images, can't wait to share our album with our friends & family when they visit us again in The Netherlands.  

Alex & James

client love

What we loved the most about our images is that they are not staged (only a few timeless ones which we love) . We really see our day as we experienced it. The golden hour shoot was a relaxed romantic moment where we could soak in our day. 

Bailee & Fender

client love

The images of a smile, a touch, a tear. There were so many emotions going on, and Sonja captured those perfectly for us. We didn't even noticed she was there at our ceremony. But she captured so much pretty little gestures and details. We couldn't be more happy.  

Leila & Oliver

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